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Susan Grinker,  "Aunt Susan"


Susan Grinker proudly founded Run Spot Run Seattle in 2011. She brings over 40 years of experience as an executive recruiter to this wonderful world of pets. How does her expertise in matching up candidates with companies translate to caring for pets? She knows that pets, like potential employees, want to be accepted for their individuality and feel comfortable within "the pack."


Whether it's dog walks, cat sitting, park playdates, potty breaks, or sleepovers, Susan will focus on your furry friend 100% of the time with heaps of boundless love. Certified by the Red Cross, she has taken AHIMSHA dog-training classes such as "Growly Dog,” and has worked with all types of pups, including shy and fearful ones. For those intimate overnights, she guarantees personalized care. Repeat customers are common, and their reviews are glowing.

Douce, "The Cruise Director"


Douce, a nine-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, is one of three resident dogs who live at Run Spot Run Seattle. Douce has been called "one in a million" by his Vet. With a calm, kind, and cautious demeaner, he is a valued member of the team and Susan's right paw man.


Douce puts all little guests at ease with his sweet nature, playful ways, and patience. Every dog loves him and he loves them back! He is always a wonderful influence in any dog's overnight boarding experience. In fact, with Douce leading the pack, your dog is sure to play and sleep well. You couldn't ask for more in a 4-legged assistant caregiver!

Gris Gris, " Lady of the House"


Gris Gris is another full-time (make that "fur" time) resident at Run Spot Run Seattle. An 8-year-old Morkie who adds more fun energy to the mix, she is a darling and sweet soul. She is very curious about all guests, from daycare pups to the overnighters, and will offer them her own brand of hospitality.

Flannery, also known as "FlanFlan"


The newest addition to the crew is darling Flannery. She is spirited yet calm, playful and fearless. This Yorkie puppy weighs in at only two pounds, but will undoubtedly make a big impression. 

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