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Services & Rates

We are delighted to offer these services and expand our furry family. For your convenience, we are open most days of the year. We do book up, so please get in touch early. We offer a free in-home “get acquainted” visit to make sure we are all compatible. Find out much more on our Policies page and contact us anytime.

Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting (Dogs & Cats)

We understand that dogs and cats can be real home bodies, so we'll come to them for personalized care. We'll change kitty litter and replenish food bowls. We’ll give your dog a potty break, change puppy pads, replenish water and food, and administer meds if requested. Just tell us what you need! Rest assured that all home services are offered with love and companionship.


15 minutes for $15, the 'quick visit'

30 minutes to 1 hour: $25

*Ask us about reduced rates for recurring pet sitting services.

15 for $15: Specials 
For the New Year​!

Pet Care
1-on-1 Dog Walks

Rain or shine, we'll take your little one on a safe and fun walk to offer them the exercise and stimulation they need. We only take ONE dog on a walk at a time, ensuring they get special attention. We can also teach puppies new skills on leash. Contact us to discuss pick up and drop off.


15 minutes for $15, the 'walk around the block'

30 minutes: $25

45 minutes: $35

1 hour: $40

*Ask us about reduced rates for recurring walking services.

Susan Grinker Run Spot Run Seattle
Doggy Daycare

Run Spot Run Seattle is a kennel-free facility. Daycare at our place includes more than 1/4 acre of wooded, fenced yard space, and other friendly pups to play with. We never have more than five dogs per day, so everyone gets individual attention. We can administer meds on your dog’s schedule, and snacks and meals they prefer. Daycare services include:

  • Park Playdate or a 1-on-1 Walk (optional)

  • Organic doggy snacks and filtered water at all times

  • Grain-free, nutritious meals. Special needs? We can help.

Dogs receive all the playtime, laptime, and love they want. Plus, we'll see that your dog returns home fed, clean, happy, and healthy.


Full day $45 for 8 hours

Half day $25 for 4 hours

Prices are for 1 dog. Additional Dogs: $15
For additional time, the fee is $10 per hour until pickup.


Ask About  Services

To & From SeaTac!

Run Spot Run Seattle Dog Boarding
Dog Boarding (Advanced Booking Required)

It's a slumber party! We take no more than five special dogs per overnight, so everyone gets ample attention and snuggles. We are a kennel-free facility, but if your dog would like their crate, please bring it. We can administer meds if needed. We have dog stairs for easy on and off the sofas, and lots of comfy, cozy doggy beds and blankets. We even have adorable sweaters and jackets for different-sized small dogs. Most of all, there will be plenty of love and playtime to go around. Dog boarding services include:

  • Doggy Daycare + a Park Playdate or 1-on-1 Walk (optional)

  • Organic doggy snacks and filtered water at all times

  • Grain-free, nutritious meals. Special needs? No problem.


1 dog: $50
2 dogs: $75
3 dogs: $90

Park Playdate Run Spot Run Seattle
Park Playdates

Treat your precious pup to the ultimate playdate! Your dog will get a fun park adventure at the small dog area in Westcrest Park. We'll pick up the pups and transport them safely in car seats with seat belt restraints. Well-supervised small groups (no more than five dogs) enjoy an hour or more of off-leash exercise with lots of fun toys, balls, and attention. Rain OR shine.


1 Dog: $25
Additional Dogs: $15

*Ask us about reduced rates for recurring playdates.

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